Please be informed Mr. Jose Gordo`s contract as a Master Distributor has been terminated. We wish him good luck in his future activities and endeavors!

For any future payments in Latin American territories you should contact the payments department of OneLife at

As we have multiple inquiries about the Mastery Summit in Panama on 20-22 September 2019, we announce this event is not organized by OneLife network and is not connected with our business activities!

In order to continue operation in Latin America, we are restructuring the LathAm territory by appointing 5 new positions to active and loyal networkers who would like to participate as the new Latin American Regional Distributors for OneLife. Our strategy aims to distinguish 5 geographical territories which is going to help us further develop the region and mitigate the transition of the network for the exchange and the DealShaker franchise.

We expect your applications at

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